How to clean your leather sandals

leather sandals

The number one thing to do when cleaning your leather sandals...

Be gentle! In every step of the cleaning process, because the leather can be easily scratched. If you just want to freshen them up, use a clean and dry soft cloth or a soft brush to remove the dirt from the surface. Brush also the sides of the soles and if there’s any caked on dirt, use a damp cloth to wipe them after brushing off with a soft brush. By removing the dust, debris and dirt before applying a damp cloth or any cleaning products, you will make sure that you’ll not end up with larger dirt stains that will be more difficult to remove.

Need to remove light stains from your leather sandals?

Consider spot cleaning, rather then cleaning the entire sandals. First, make sure you remove the dust and debris as explained above. Next, use a clean damp cloth or even a cotton swab if the mark is very small. Don’t have a leather cleaning agent? Apply instead liquid dish soap or hand soap on the cloth and use gentle motion to remove the stain. And for the final step, use a dry cloth to wipe down the cleaning liquid.

Need to remove some difficult stains?

If the stains are larger or difficult like oil, wine, syrup it is best to use leather conditioner or saddle soap. Saddle soap is both a soap (as its name suggests) and a wax used for cleaning, conditioning and protecting leather. It typically contains mild soap, lanolin as a softening ingredient  and  beeswax for preservation. Take a soft clean cloth and dampen it, making sure to remove the excess water. Then pour a bit of saddle soap and gentle rub the leather sandals to remove the stain. Wash off the cloth and wipe the saddle soap away from the leather. If necessary, repeat one more time. Be careful not to let the saddle soap dry on the sandals as this can create a stain itself too. The same steps can be followed if using a different leather conditioner.

Tips for maintaining leather sandals in a good condition for longer:

  • If they get wet, dry them in fresh air by avoiding direct sun. If in a rush, you can gently use the hair dryer on low heat.
  • Never put the leather sandals in the washing machine and do not immerse them in water either, as you might not be able to wear them ever again.
  • Use a shoe tree to hold the sandals in proper shape or stuff them with newspaper.
  • If the sandals have embellishments, wear them with care - don't wear your embellished sandals while riding your bike.
  • Store them in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep them in dust bags to protect them - if you don't have one, a pillow case will do the job.
  • And if you have pets, don't let your sandals become their toys.

We hope you'll find these tips useful. And if you were looking for Greek handmade leather sandals, you 'landed' in the right place.